Official Endorsements

The campaign to raise private support for state park visitor center exhibits has been enthusiastically endorsed by Governor Terry McAuliffe.  Please see the letter of endorsement from Governor McAuliffe.

Excerpt from the letter of endorsement from Governor Terry McAuliffe to Johnny Finch, President of Virginia Association for Parks:

I commend your past efforts and want you to know I wholeheartedly support your present and future efforts to solicit private funds for park improvements.  Your Visitor Center Exhibit projects, such as the one I saw at Mason Neck State Park, ... are important to the Commonwealth.

Download the letter of endorsement from Governor McAuliffe

In addition, both the Governor and First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe, during interviews in July 2014, wholeheartedly endorsed the Partnership for Parks Campaign of Virginia Association for Parks.

Since its inception, Joe Elton, then-director of state parks, (currently, Deputy Director of Operations, Department of Conservation and Recreation), gave his unflinching support for this initiative by VAFP.  Virginia State Parks and VAFP have partnered for many years on major initiatives, including the state parks kiosk project.  The ambitious initiative to seek private funding to provide new exhibits for 13 state parks was a natural next step in the growing relationship between Virginia State Parks and VAFP. 

Excerpt from the letter of endorsement from Joe Elton:

The Virginia Division of State Parks is committed to accepting the donation of interpretive and educational exhibits and will properly recognize both VAFP and Imperial Multimedia for their contributions to the visitor center exhibits. 

I express my deepest gratitude to VAFP for its past support to our state park system, and I look forward to working with you over the coming years to raise funds for, design and install new exhibits in Virginia state park visitor centers.

Download Joe Elton's Letter of Endorsement

Recognizing the importance of the “Outdoor Challenge” program that is a component of this overall state parks initiative, Kissito Health CEO Tom Clarke has wholeheartedly endorsed this healthful program.

Download the Endorsement Letter from Jeff Waldon of the Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund

As this campaign builds momentum, additional endorsements will be forthcoming.