The Case For Technology Exhibits

In September of 2013, an assessment of Lake Anna’s visitor center renovations was performed by Virginia Tech. Below is the executive summary:

In the spring of 2013 the visitor center at Lake Anna State Park received a significant renovation. The center now includes a number of technology-driven educational displays. In an effort to assess the impact of this investment, paper and pencil surveys were distributed to a random sampling of visitors to the center during summer 2013. The survey data were then sent to Virginia Tech for analysis.

As detailed in this report, visitors’ reactions to the renovations at the Lake Anna visitor center are very positive. Visitors overwhelmingly see the educational and entertainment value of the new technology-driven displays. They intend to spread positive word-of-mouth regarding the improvements; and most (95.2 percent) would support similar exhibits being built at other Virginia State Parks.

Download the Full Lake Anna Visitor Center Report

Lake Anna Visitor Center Exhibits