Caledon State Park

Caldeon State Park Visitor CenterCaledon State Park is situated on 2579 acres of mature forest along the Potomac River. Originally established in 1659, this area was owned and farmed for centuries by the Alexander family. It was donated to the state of Virginia by Mrs. Ann Hopewell Hewitt Smoot in 1974 and now is an important site for conservation. In 1974 Caledon State Park was designated a National Natural Landmark by the Secretary of the Interior because it is one of the best examples of an old, undisturbed, oak-tulip poplar-dominated virgin upland forest in the country. This park offers one of the few areas where bald eagles, a recently endangered bird, can nest peacefully. While enjoying the park please stay within designated open areas on the shoreline. On July 14, 2012 Caledon Natural Area was renamed Caledon State Park.

Caledon State Park has played an important role in preserving mature forest habitat for bald eagles and other wildlife.  The exhibit concept is designed to engage the senses in an effort to open up channels for learning.  Experience shows us that young people who are bombarded with technology every day find little time for traditional static exhibits.  We believe that using technology in a storytelling approach will stimulate an interest in the outdoor environment and will enhance their visit to the park.


The approach will utilize video projection mapping technology along with surround sound, 3d animation and special effects.  An array of short throw projectors will create an emersion into an old growth magical forest that comes alive as an old growth tree comes to life and tells the story of Caledon, its forest and its habitat.  Animated 3d animals including a bald eagle and squirrel will join the conversation in an entertaining and educating way.   

The program will play from a solid state media card making updates to the program in the future as simple as possible.  Park visitors will have an enhanced appreciation for the habitat and wildlife as a result of this experience.

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