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Mason Neck State Park Exhibits blog image 1Initiative to raise $250,000 for new Visitor Center Exhibits at Mason Neck State Park

Innovative! Entertaining! Engaging! These words describe the new exhibits planned for the Mason Neck State Park Visitor Center. Donors have the opportunity to support state-of-the-art exhibits that will inform and entertain Park visitors. These new exhibits combine storytelling with high-tech innovation and large high-definition images, and are certain to thrill, engage and educate visitors of all ages. Virginia Association for Parks (VAFP) is seeking to raise $250,000 by the end of 2014 to make the new Visitor Center exhibits a reality.


Mason Neck State Park Exhibits blog image 2Background

The Visitor Center at the Park was constructed in 2010 through a Commonwealth bond referendum, but money was not made available for exhibits. The Visitor Center remains empty. The exhibits designed for Mason Neck State Park are modeled after innovative high-tech exhibits installed at Lake Anna State Park in 2012-2013. A Virginia Tech visitor survey at Lake Anna showed that visitor satisfaction at Lake Anna approached 100%, and that visitors strongly encouraged Virginia State Parks to replicate the high tech exhibits in other state parks.

Non-traditional Approach

In recent years monies for park system priorities, including visitor center exhibits, has been almost non-existent. To make up for this, the Virginia Association for Parks, a visionary tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, has signed a collaborative agreement with a private firm, Imperial Multimedia, to develop exhibit concept plans for eleven state park visitor centers AND to seek private sector funding to complete the design and installation of exhibits.

For Future Generations

Recognizing that the younger demographic and all future generations will be deeply connected to technology, exhibits have been designed for the 21st century - utilizing touch-screen monitors, HD TV screens, animation and virtual storytellers to interpret the rich natural and cultural history of Mason Neck. With private donations we will accomplish our goals quickly, inexpensively and without the delays often accompanying state procurement processes.

Help Fulfill a Dream! VAFP is seeking contributions from individuals, corporations and private foundations who desire to support a satisfying visitor experience at the Visitor Center. The exhibits will stimulate the interest of thousands of visitors to Mason Neck State Park and offer experiential learning to students, teachers, lifelong learners and visitors of all ages.

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Mason Neck Prospectus

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